A very special film, ten years in the making.

Ten years ago or so, I made a film called Endings.

In early 2022, as I was thinking about what my next film might be, I happened to reflect on the fact (?) that it seemed like everyone who played a role in that film ten years ago was still in town and active in acting. Curious about that, I began contacting everyone: 5 lead actors and 3 supporting actors (mostly younger). When I determined that everyone was available and intrigued, I began to write the story about what happened between the sisters whose conflict was sparked, in part, by how they each dealt with their mother's dementia at the end of her life.

This film is propelled by the performances of Tracey Reynolds (as SHERRI) and Susannah Hough (as CONNIE) as the two sisters. They are supported by their husbands in the film, played by Eric Morales and J Chachula. The CONNIE character had two children ten years ago, a 15-year-old son and a 12-year-old daughter. The son was portrayed by Riley Hough (Susannah's actual son, now a successful actor) and Bailey Rose, recently graduated from college. At the end of the earlier film, the SHERRI character had just had a daughter. Adelyn Dean, then a baby, appeared in the earlier film and appears in Sisters as Sherri's 10-year-old daughter.

The faux documentary style of the first film was continued into Sisters. But the first third of Sisters is actually footage from Endings that sets the stage.

Just finished in February of 2024, Sisters began its festival run with a screening in Toyko.