The life of an actress in 4 Auditions

An aspiring actress is struggling to make it in LA. She needs the help of her ex-boyfriend to make a couple of audition videos as time goes by.

She's not getting to audition for the top jobs anymore. Rejection and disappointment seem to be taking their toll.

This film consists of four scenes, each viewed through the lens of the camera that will record the audition. It turns out that this has several implications for production. First, it requires that each take be a complete, perfect scene (you have to love actors with theater experience!). Second, it means that they're are almost no continuity problems of any kind. None! Third, it means that editing becomes brutally simple: pick the right set of takes, one from each scene and - bang - we're done!

This is why I had a rough cut of the film one week after shooting the film. And the finished version one month later.

And, because of the real time, almost found footage nature of the film, there is NO music.