A journey of love (without a script)

Me (with You) is a film project unlike any I had ever done. The film is a collage of moments on a journey of love and loss, made with no script, created through an improvisational collaboration with actress Caitlin Wells.

There is a story of love and loss but without any scripted dialog. The story is told in Caitlin's face; you never see the implied lover. Composer and theater artist Emma Nadeau composed the score for this film in conjunction with the editing process itself.

In the 18 months before making this film I'd been putting a lot of my personal "film energy" into writing. As I sat at the laptop, I was haunted by a set of about twenty file folders, each holding a half-baked script or idea for a short film. I've been making short films since 1999 but - with my new emphasis on writing - none of those scripts seemed right, none of them called my name. And I hadn't actually shot a film of my own since late 2014. (Which was finished in 2015.)

Finding a project that freed me from the constraints of writing was the right thing.

And finding Caitlin as a collaborator was a tremendous gift.

Emma Nadeau's music was another huge contributor to this film.

So, here's my formula for success: have one good idea and get two talented women to help!

You can watch this film here. Please let me know what you think.