Turnip Production Seminar

To sign up, you need to go to the Eventbrite link RIGHT HERE.

I've been writing, directing and shooting short indie films for 25 years. And I've never been able to pay people enough to waste their time. Instead, I've applied what I learned at the day job(s) and what I've learned during those 25 years to ensure that a day of shooting doesn't become a day AND a night of shooting. It turns out that planning for a well run day of production involves the same things as planning for a great film. The artistic and the technical are just two sides of the same coin.

I've been planning to offer a seminar on this and related topics, but hadn't gotten to the stage of a real time and place. Then I met Austin and Blake, organizers of the New Carolinas Film Collective. They had similar ideas and after we met, we decided to host my seminar as part of a series they are doing.