Assistant Director Projects

As film folks know, the "Assistant Director" doesn't do any directing; he's the traffic cop, the project manager, the timekeeper. It's basically adult supervision keeping things running smoothly. Working as a Producer is pretty similar some of the time.

I'd love to help your film project complete successfully, on time and having accomplished everything that needed to get done. For indie film projects, my rates are remarkably low; let's face it, I enjoy doing it. I'm always happy to chat about this and see if I can help.

Filmmaker magazine published my article about the insights I developed working as AD for how to manage the planning of your film project. You can download a PDF here or visit the web page.

Projects I have worked as AD and the folks I've worked with

Producer on: If I Had A Time Machine, I'd Be Rich!

Writer David Bass recruited me to produce his short film. With only 6 weeks before the week of shooting, it was a scramble. But I managed to help bring all the pieces together (need a child actor, need two locations, need a wooden thing built, need a set dresser, need a BABY!).

AD and Associate Producer on: The Wild Ones

Dan Lynch worked with me to write and produce his Star Wars short. Then we collaborated on producing his teaser trailer to his episodic story "The Wild Ones" featuring a main character who aspires to be a great Black bull rider. We were able to shoot two days at the bull riding school near Fayetteville. My phone tells me I walked 9 miles those days. Dan is now in Atlanta working on acting and writing projects.

Jukebox Teardrops / Producer: Robert Wagner

Finished film title is Strings. The film features North Carolina singer-songwriter Jason Michael Carroll and actress Katie Garfield. Shooting took place over thirteen days in April 2016. Directed by Patrick Dunnagan and Robert Wagner. Producer-Director Robert Wagner said, "Jim McQuaid works magic as an AD on set. He is very organized, prepared and hard working. He will make sure your production stays on schedule. Having Jim on your set is like have a team of people in one."

Art of Confession / Producer: Dexter Goad

A very clever re-use of older footage in a new context: a young writer won't have a lifesaving surgery until she finishes her script. Four days of shooting with DP Rynes Seals. Talent included Vanelle and Thatcher Weldon-Johnson.

Where We're Meant To Be / Writer-Director: Michael Howard

Michael Howard's film about life and the interconnectedness of things. A tour of related stories, shot by Chris Medico with a talented group of actors that included Tracy Coppedge, Tim Ross, Lexi Wilson, Alena Koch and many more.

Deadroom: Beginnings / Writer-Director: Dexter Goad

Dexter's teaser for a series project; featuring actress Kate Siegel. Kate Siegel wrote and appears in the scary movie, Hush. We shot for one week in Ablemarle, North Carolina.

 Bragg N East / Producer: Robert Wagner

Robert Wagner wrote and appears as the lead in his autobiographical story of a police officer who began to apply the principles of his faith to his police work. Shoot on location in Raleigh with community members in many supporting roles. Shot by Aravind Ragupathi.

Somewhere / Writer-Director: Stephen van Vuuren

Somewhere is a short allegory about love, death and paperwork. We shot for several days in Greensboro. DP was Mark Wagoner.

Box Brown / Director: Rob Underhill

Box Brown was a one-man show developed by Mike Wylie and adapted for the screen. Box Brown was a real person, a slave who "mailed himself to freedom." A period piece, Box Brown was shot at the historic Hope Plantation in Windsor, North Carolina, the restored home of former North Carolina Governor David Stone (1770-1818) and at the historic Duke Homestead. Shot by Aravind Ragupathi.

The Carrington Event / Director: Rob Underhill

Based on the idea that a large solar flare has the potential to destroy much of the electrical infrastructure of modern society, Carrington Event dramatizes a family trying to survive this near-apocalypse. Shot by Aravind Ragupathi.