About the film

The Silver Key was written by Sally Young with young actress Brandi Young, and directed by David Richardson, whom I had worked with before on his feature project. This film was a period piece with fantasy and horror elements. Shot with the Sony EX1 and the Canon T2i with various lenses. The entire production was one long weekend shoot in January of 2010.

With a candlelight feeling, we had to have enough cool fill to bring up the shadow detail - the open eyes of the girl closer to the camera.

Writing the letter was shot with the Canon using natural afternoon light.

Difficult to discern fully in this quick grab, the ghost squad of soldiers, seen out the window, used a fog machine and a 1K 100 feet away to create the creepy undertone.

A lot of night work and some china balls on a boom, but overall it was great fun to work on this film.