Grace is fourteen.

Grace makes beautiful drawings.

Grace is a good girl.

... things are about to change.

Grace Running came out of my belief that the arts are a way to find your power. Centered on a 14-year-old girl looking for a way to tap into the power she senses she might have, the production benefitted from my association with a great local talent agency, formerly known as Kids Unlimited Talent (now KUTalent).

In the "old days" (before iPhone) I had a line of business creating audition videos for more than 75 different actors, primarily kids. That's how I met Sydnei Murphy and her great parents. I'd shot two audition videos with Sydnei and so I knew she had the energy to portray a girl who discovers running.

So, I asked Sydnei to consider doing the lead role in this film over the summer school vacation. She was interested and her parents were supportive but her Mother mentioned that were already some weekends that they knew they would have to be away. Much to my amazement, I discovered that these weekends were track meets! It turns out that Sydnei (and her older sister) were both track stars. In fact, Sydnei later attended Duke on a track scholarship.

This was also the first film, I believe, shot for me by the amazing Aravind Ragupathi, and shot on the famous Canon 5D Mark II.

The Cast of Grace Running

Sydnei Murphy

Kim Parker

Kendall McCarthy

Alena Koch

Jennifer Russoli

Connie McCoy Rogers

Owen Daly

Jada Wooten

Justin Wallace

Writer-Director Jim McQuaid
Director of Photography Aravind Ragupathi.
B Camera Jack Allan
Grace's Artwork Victoria King executed fantastic artwork based on the descriptions in the script and conversations with Jim.
Composer Jay Manley
Casting & Rehearsal Support Brandy Renee Brown
Still Photographer Bobbi Whittemore
Head Grip & Gaffer Jonathan Serxner
Grips Brandi Anderson, Scott Luihn, Christopher Moore, Ken Austin, Jim King, David Pemberton-Smith
Catering Bev Koester and Annie McQuaid
Location and other Thanks Ajit Prem & Kelly Cook, LabourLove Gallery, Apex Middle School, Bobbi Whitmore, Terri Dollar at KUTalent