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  SCENE screens at "Motion for Pictures" in April

Our film SCENE recently screened at the Cary Theater as part of the monthly film series sponsored by the Triangle Filmmakers Community.

Because we had a reunion of cast and crew at the screening, we also won (ahem) the Audience Award! Projection is excellent at the Cary Theater and it was great to see the film there.


  Film Projects: NIXIE

Nixie is a script by Dexter Goad (Shadowdog Productions) and Jim McQuaid (Turnip Films).Here's the current logline:

A lonely teenage orphan, MALIA, befriends a mysterious water sprite, NIXIE, eager to make her happy, but as MALIA’s visions of her dead family become disturbing, NIXIE uses her powers to alter time and memory and cover up a secret that MALIA could have never imagined.

We are currently pitching this script to a wide variety of producers. If you're interested, please contact us.

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