Waiting for the Pregnancy Test!

The Longest 3 Minutes follows the fears, resentments and hopes felt by Roger and Tatum, a young couple facing a challenge: waiting for the timer to ring on the home pregnancy test!

We follow their roller coaster of emotions from the “battle of the sexes,” to anger to remorse, imagination, hope and love as they wait for the ring. But then what happens? Needless to say, this is the longest 3 minutes of their life! The Longest 3 Minutes begins and ends with irreverence while touching down in heartfelt sorrow and joy in the middle. It was the first Turnip film with a decidedly humorous overtone.

The film was completed in October 2005 and was shown at various film festivals. But more important, Roger and Tatum live on in Eight Lessons in Living Together which follows this couple navigating the rocky waters of living together.

The film, Turnip's first shot in HD is available in multiple formats, including a stack of DVDs we have on a shelf!


Kendall Rileigh

Kendall Rileigh

Kendall is a Southern-bred, NYC-based actor, aerialist, and aerial choreographer. She graduated Duke University Phi Beta Kappa with degrees in Drama and Psychology. Her theater work includes a Broadway tour, off Broadway, off off Broadway, and regional productions, and her TV/film work includes 30 Rock and feature Eight Lessons in Living Together.

A former competitive gymnast, Kendall began training as an aerialist in 2007 and is invigorated by the dramatic possibilities of merging theatre and aerial work. She specializes on aerial silks and rope. Her work as an aerial director, choreographer, and performer has taken her to Ireland, Mexico, and across the U.S.

Darrell Parker

Darrell Parker

Author & actor Darrell Parker has been active in local theater and film over the years. He has been seen on stage in The Foreigner (Froggy LeSure), The Miner's Daughter (Barney), Barefoot in the Park (Paul Brattner) and Harvey (Duane Wilson).

Darrell’s unique storytelling ability has been noticed by other filmmakers and actors alike. In early 2004, Darrell’s resources were tapped to write a script intended to recruit Kevin Spacey to a major film project in Wilmington, NC. Later that year he won four awards, including the Artistic Film Award for his film The Red Pe, and the Audience Favorite Award for his film The Anniversary.

A gifted actor and storyteller, Parker has written the screenplays for seven shorts that have been produced. Darrell wrote the original draft of this script in 2004. The piece struck Darrell as the kind of “human moment” drama that Jim has specialized in at Turnip. Jim agreed and The Longest 3 Minutes is the charming result.

Darrell Parker lives in Sanford, North Carolina with his wife Brandy and two lovely kids.

Kendall Rileigh TATUM: The girlfriend worried about the pregnancy test, irritating at her partner and antsy to move on.
Darrell Parker ROGER: Embarassed and yet seeing a possible vision of a bright future, all waiting for the results of the test.
Writer Darrell Parker
Director & DP Jim McQuaid. Shot at the Mineral Springs Inn in scenic Fuquay-Varina.
Crew: Steve Joyce was my boss at Ganymede and after hearing a bunch about my filmmaking he overcame his better judgement and helped with this modest one-day shoot.
Composer: Glenn Morrissette composed the score for this gem as one of his last North Carolina assignments before he hit the big time in LA.