About the film

Laws Of Attraction was written and directed by David Pemberton-Smith. This film was a sweet love story. Roland (Wyatt Geist) is a guy who works in a frame shop, watches the stars at night and is an astronomy geek. Shot with the Canon T2i with various lenses. The film was shot in August and September of 2011.

This is Roland's room, first thing in the morning. This "orrery" is one of his prized possessions. But the morning sunlight is actually light outside the - second-story! - window.

This challenging night shot required about 100 feet of power cords to rake the trees in the background for detail and separation. The light on Roland was a small spot simulating a big flashlight which the actor puts down after adjusting the telescope. With good shadow detail, the night feeling can be easily controlled in post.

The love interest was played by the lovely and talented Allison Powell (now in LA). A basic use of limited depth-of-field to highlight the actor.