I don't have a good set of images to show the technical or dramatic issues addressed as DP for some of the films I've shot for other filmmakers. But here's a quick collection of some notes about these other films.

Several projects are still missing from the list because life seems to move too fast some days and I don't always end up with the right images to tell the DP story.

Cell by Anthony Dunn

A political prisoner and the warden in a nightime showdown.

Unfinished Project

Kevin Richmond shot a number of days on this project that hasn't yet been completed. This shot was tricky but made possible by laying on the hood of the vehicle and putting the lens flush to the windshield.

Waiting Room

Dexter Goad shot this short film about a young girl who fears that her Mother has cancer. What she overhears in the waiting room doesn't make her feel any better.