This film is one of my films dealing with the survival of love after death.

It's the same in that this film shares my long time commitment to themes that are both ordinary and meaningful.

This story is set in a very different family from Last Words: Katherine. Todd is an ex-con who has gotten himself together, found a good job in an auto repair shop and a great (second) wife.

As in some other projects, I've become willing to just let a moment play out. I've become a fan of not just a long take, but also how much we learn in a simple shot. There are, of course, some close-ups, but I've grown weary of seeing conversations where there is a cut after every statement. Especially if the subject is grief, the pace is usually slower; lots of rapid cuts contradict that pace for me.

Working with those longer takes and quiet scenes was possible in this film, as in others, primarily due to the skill and grace of my actors. This film was also shot for me by Ajit Prem, a cinematographer with a great eye.

You can watch this film here (on a large screen if possible). Please let me know what you think.