About the film

One Last Sunset was a fun project, Produced and Directed by Kevin Richmond. The film was shot over several weeks in 2009 and 2010. The story had a heart in its tale of two sisters who believe they may be the only people to survive the apocalypse.

This was shot with the Sony EX1 and the Canon T2i with a variety of lenses. Steadicam work was performed by Bill Elias. Andrew Gorrell was a capable gaffer and assistant. Turnip was not involved in post.

A fun thing was that I didn't realize that you could draw a crowd of over 100 extras willing to play zombie - the extras were great to work with on this film.

Shot in the cellar of an abandoned house, powered by a generator, with careful edge light and use of flashlights and candles, we were able to show the full scene and maintain a primitive feeling.

A lot of the scenes were exteriors, working with natural light both up close, as in this action shot and landscape-wide to show the isolation.

This extremely creepy zombie girl in the pink dress was Addy Miller. A year later she scared the world in episode one of The Walking Dead.

The film got done and was screened in Hickory.