The big impact of small changes

Touching shows us the interactions of five people. First we see how a bad day echoes through each person and their interactions with the next. Then the group wraps around and we see a softer, kinder interaction leading us to the end.

This film was actually cast with live auditions, held at the old ArtCentre in Carrboro. Thankfully, that was how I first met John Honeycutt and Kendall Rileigh. Little did I know that they were both veterans of the local theater scene, in other words, very accomplished actors.

John Honeycutt graciously appeared in this film, then in Turnip's docudrama about the end of cheap oil After The Peak where he played a TV news commentator. John has been invaluable as an informal casting agent; I have often sent him a script and asked him to refer me to folks who might fit. John performed a lovely small scene in Last Words: Katherine.

Kendall Rileigh ended up doing a variety of roles as well. She was one of the two leads in The Longest 3 Minutes which led to her returning briefly from NYC to give her lead performance in Eight Lessons In Living Together. I was fortunate to support Kendall's web site for a number of years and we have always kept in touch.

William Stutts also auditioned that day which was another great connection, later playing a lead in Turnip's docudrama about the end of cheap oil After The Peak.

The film, originally shot on MiniDV is available in multiple formats.

William Stutts A boyfriend with issues. First he breaks up with her on her way to work, in the worst possible time and place. Then, he rethinks it after some good advice from his other girlfriend.
Catherine Sharp Jilted Executive Assistant. Her boss has a big meeting and he's got no time for her tears. Until things change and she's ready to go.
John Honeycutt He's a big executive with an important meeting and he's got no time for an assistant with tears. Big when life touches him differently, he's able to find a moment of compassion.
Kendall Rileigh A tough escort with a gentle heart. She's all business with the tough exec but after he's found his moment of compassion, she's able to be kinder, helpful.
Dani Englander Old Mom with a younger boyfriend. Not so sure about what's best for both of them. He's a great boyfriend but she knows that he'll leave her some day anyway, so maybe his college girl is worth a second look?
Writer-Director: Jim McQuaid
Camerawork: Wayne Pecinich, Renato Velarde and Jim McQuaid. Again using 3 cameras for some key scenes, allowing for fewer takes and better use of time.
Crew: Roger Edwards, John Teague, Spike Mater, Barbara Chaiken, Sharon Kay.
Composer: Music composed by Eric Kuhn, early in his career as a film composer. Met Eric originally through church but he was already out of college when he did this work.