Written by Kristie Scruggs; Produced & Directed by Jim.

An unexpected benefit of moderating a screenwriters group has been the discovery of excellent short film scripts and, in some cases, the ability to produce the film in question. Fine Lines was one of these films.

Kristie Scruggs has been a seriously committed screenwriter for several years. She also published a novel about a health system gone bad. And one of her recent scripts has gotten some attention for possible production.

Fine Lines is a story about the distance between a good moment and a bad moment. And about how a bad moment creates other bad moments in a chain of life. We see a single school day with both a bad start and outcome AND with a positive start and outcome.

Produced in 2021, we needed to require that all cast and crew provide proof of vaccination and sign a Covid waiver. But we were very lucky in finding the right cast and a great group of extras.