Fine Lines benefited from a veteran crew.

Writer & Executive Producer Kristine Scruggs enjoyed getting her first taste of having one of her scripts produced. And her organizational ability and great networking were a huge contribution to the entire production running smoothly.
Director & DP Jim McQuaid worked closely with writer Kristine Scruggs to develop the dramatic approach to producing the film.
Camera Konrad Arnold is a veteran of many different film and video productions in the Triangle. Konrad has worked with Turnip on other film and commercial projects.
Sound Piper Kessler is one of the best sound professionals in the Triangle. She's easy to work with but always willing to let you know that a sound problem is about to happen so that things can be adjusted for the best result. Fortunately, Turnip has enjoyed working with Piper on many different films.
Crew: Rhett Begler was invaluable as the person checking everybody's Covid paperwork as actors, crew and extras checked in. And he was gracious about being pressed into service as the driver of the car Lina is tempted to get in (starting down the wrong path, I'm afraid). Luke Davis served as grip and general on-set help.