The Cast of Fine Lines

Heather Shore and David Henderson kick off the good day / bad day as a couple getting ready for their day.

Heather Shore

Heather Shore has been performing in the Raleigh area for over 15 years after relocating from Wilmington, NC where she also worked in theater, television and voiceover. In Raleigh she's enjoyed working on independent films, television, commercials and stage work with Theatre Raleigh, Moonlight Stage Company and North Carolina Playwrights Lab. Favorite past roles over the years include Lenny in Crimes of the Heart, Annie Sullivan in The Miracle Worker and various characters in sketch comedy nights with Moonlight Stage Company. Collaborating with local playwrights and screenwriters to bring their scripts and characters to life is also one of her joys and passions. Heather was thrilled to portray Grace in Fine Lines and to work again with filmmaker Jim McQuaid.

David Henderson

David is the founder and Co-artistic director of Honest Pint. He is a Morehead Scholar graduate of UNC-Chapel Hill where he was a founding member of Pauper Players, the first musical theatre company on campus and the co-founder of Pie Shop Theatrical with Mark Hartman. He has appeared on stages in NYC, Los Angeles, and here in NC. Most recently he was Jan in Honest Pint’s SMALL MOUTH SOUNDS. For the past 27 years, he has had the honor of playing Jacob Marley in TIP’s annual production of A CHRISTMAS CAROL.

Berklee Axford

At 13 (when the film was shot in 2021) Berklee was ready, willing and able to carry the thread of Fine Lines as Lina, switching from bad to good as shooting demanded. She was always ready, willing to take direction and a pleasure to work with.Shortly after the film was completed, Berklee signed with the Devise Talent agency.


Singer-Songwriter, Actress, and Model; North Carolina native, Jessenia Mills brings an otherworldly blend of R&B and Alternative Pop fusion to her music. During the Pandemic, she wrote & released her first album, “Love & Madness” while creatively directing and filming all of her music videos. Jessenia also starred in multiple films such as the short film, 'One-Leg' and feature film 'Release'.

Andrew Farmer

Andrew played the "bad kid" with cunning and grace. Very much the pro despite his young age at the time.

Ollie Mann

Ollie brought a lot of heart to the role of kid taking care of his Mother and sister as much as he was able to. Hitting notes both frantic and conversational, Ollie was excellent.

Brilyn Johnson

Already an accomplished performer well before appearing in our film, Brilyn performed the role of Nala in a road company of the Broadway version of The Lion King. Clearly, playing a classmate of the good (and bad) version of Lina she was able to nail this performance.

Sunny Read

Sunny enjoyed our afternoon of shooting that portrayed a scared and impulsive child who runs into the road. No motorists were harmed in producing this scene!

Ray Petrolino's Wrist...

Ray Petrolino has worked on a wide variety of scripts, books, films. We had the pleasure of working with Ray on his film Quantum Doughnut and seeing Ray in our screenwriters group. For this film, only Ray's wrist appears but, hey, he's always ready to lend a hand...

And we are grateful to the dozens of young folks who populated the full classroom and the crowded bus stop.