The crew behind the film

Principal photography had to be very simple for the improvisational nature of the piece, The crew consisted of Jim + Caitlin + Canon 5D.

Me (with You) was created with a small crew so the assistance of these folks was important. For the "party" scene, I had both wrangling and audio support from Nick Graetz. For an entire day of shooting in cars, restaurants and bars up and down Glenwood South, the help of Dave Perez and Jane Gonzalez was critical.

Director, actress (and wonderful person) Susannah Hough is the one who connected me to Caitlin.

Caitlin's roomates (Skylar Gudasz and Matt Peterson) graciously put up with a lot of stuff and calls for quiet invaded their home. Many of Caitlin's friends and a few of mine appear in the party scene; they all did a great job of pretending to be a party!

Tom Hauser (Hooz Audio) contributed a small bit of magic for a few pieces of audio captured in less than ideal ways.

Filmmaker Eri Yokoyama inspired me with her example of a short informally structured film. Alena Koch raised many excellent questions in early discussions about how to shoot this film.

And, of course, my wife, Bev Koester, put up with many disruptions and assisted in many ways on many days.