The people behind the "SCENE"

Writer Jim McQuaid. I have shot a lot of actor's audition videos. A couple of years ago it occurred to me that a set of audition videos might portray how that actor's life was going. Finally a day came when I sat down in the library with the idea of finding passages in famous plays or films that could - together - describe an emotional arc. But I quickly realized that, apart from Shakespeare, I was heading into serious copyright issues. And that freed me to create my "fake" auditions, tailored to creating the story of this actress.
Director Yes, I also directed the film. But what I wanted to share about this production is this. Because each audition is seen as a complete short take, there was no "cut" in the middle. We shot each audition ten to fourteen times. And that working method gave Lilly Nelson and I the chance to really experiment and work the moments dramatically. It was a great experience.
Nick Graetz Camera operator: Nick Graetz has worked on a variety of Turnip productions, primarily as a still photographer. I got him working the video camera for this one.
Charlie Neufeld Set Design and Decoration. Charlie Neufeld did amazing work on our previous film, Memory of a Kiss. But for this film, she totally designed the look, which is especially important because the apartment where this character lives is going downhill, just as her career is. Charlie found the stuff, loaded it in, made the changes between scenes and was a total pro. In fact, she's now working on Hollywood movies. Check her out on IMDb.
Tom Hauser Tom - as usual - did a great job recording sound for this production. He has done sound for various Turnip films, film projects and commercial gigs.
Wanda Lilly Wanda did makeup for this film, another one she has worked with Turnip on.
Kelly Cook Hairdresser. Kelly is a professional hairdresser and also married to filmmaker Ajit Prem, so I kind of dragged her into this to five Brandon one really great haircut for the last scene.
Wayne Pecinich Wayne is a videographer based in Mebane and he was a Burlington NC police officer for more than twenty years, so, yeah, he's good around firearms. Wayne has worked on a bunch of Turnip films.
PA Julia Kenny worked with me on part of Kevin Richmond's zombie film and was super helpful on set for this film. We met when we sat down in adjoining seats at Cucalorus. Making small talk it turned out that Julia's roommate was Charlie Neufeld!