Crew, helpers, supporters.

This film was shot with clear purpose and graphic sophistication by long-time Turnip collaborator, Jack Allan. Jonathan Serxner provided his expert gaffer assistance for several shoot dates.

The relatively informal shooting schedule ended up requiring the services of various sound professionals. Piper Kessler worked on some key scenes.

I had tremendous good fortune in locations. Al Julian's home, which served as the home of SHERRI and husband ten years ago was graciously made available for a reprise of scenes needed in their home. I was grateful to Virginia Lee for opening her home again, ten years later, to serve as the home of the sisters' Mother Carol.

And equally amazing, the backyard pool which was a prominent aspect of the earlier film was still available, virtually unchanged. Kristine and Justin Scruggs provided an important new location compatible with an early one from ten years ago.

And, of course, my wife, Bev Koester, put up with many disruptions and assisted in many ways on many days.