The Cast of SISTERS

Tracey and Susannah, both very experienced actors, share the lead in this story of family estrangement. A tale set in motion by their Mother, played by Naomi Eckhaus.

Tracey Reynolds

Growing up a Navy brat, her father's career allowed her travel the globe. She has lived in exotic places such as Washington State, California, Italy, and Japan. During her three years in Japan, she starred in three National Japanese commercials through Aesop Modeling Agency. She also won various awards for her involvement in Speech, Drama, Debate and Show Choir in the Far East and Kano Plain. Tracey lives in Durham and travels whenever she can.

Susannah Hough

My acting career has taken me across the country from L.A. to New York and many areas in between, mostly working with regional theater and video production companies. I now make my home in the beautiful SouthEast, where live theater and the film industry are thriving! I'm Co-Artistic Director of Honest Pint Theatre Co. in Raleigh, and I work locally to the region, including VA, GA, NC, and SC. 

Naomi Eckhaus

Worked extensively in community theater in New York before coming to North Carolina and doing a variety of film projects.

Sisters supporting cast do amazing work with minimal screentime.

J. Chachula

J Chachula is an actor, improviser, roleplayer, and teacher. He is a graduate of The American Academy of Dramatic arts and co-founder and director of Open Mind Improvisation, which offers training in improvisation for both performance and corporate communication.

Eric Morales

While Eric has dialed back his theater and film work in recent years, he enjoyed recreating the husband role he inhabited ten years ago.

Riley Hough

Riley Hough is an Atlanta based actor, musician, and writer known for "County Rescue" on Great American Family. He was born to Susannah and Mark Hough, and has done work in theatre, film, commercial, industrial, as well as produced and recorded multiple singles and albums by himself and with his band. Recently Riley appeared in the series County Rescue.

Bailey Rose & Adelyn Dean

A recent college grad, Bailey did not pursue acting after her work in ENDINGS ten years ago. But with natural intelligence and good directing, she is perfect as the slightly disaffected grown-up daughter. Adelyn is interested in theater and in soccer; she convincingly portrayed a six-week old baby ten years ago, appearing now as the ten-year-old daughter.

The Towner Sisters

Charlotte and Nora Kate did a wonderful scene as the lead sisters seen in grade school.

Barbette Hunter

Barbette has done a lot of work in local theatre and many different gigs in film, commercial, industrial productions. Barbette first worked with Turnip in 2005 and is always a pleasure to work with.