Crew, helpers, supporters.

This film was shot with clear purpose and graphic sophistication by long-time Turnip collaborator, Jack Allan. The film was shot with the Ursa Mini Pro and recorded in DCI 4K scope format.

The poster image of "a conversation across time" took a long afternoon to shoot, waiting for the light. Ben Turney was luckily available that day. His diligence in recording the right "world tone" for a scene shoot near the takeoff path of RDU airport was greatly appreciated in post!

The relatively informal shooting schedule ended up requiring the services of four different sound professionals. Piper Kessler and Ben Turney performed key work for us and Josh Pardington and Michael Salerno helped with some key scenes.

V. Arden Shepard and Jack Allan had to wrangle sound by themselves in a few cases, but only when the setups were very simple!

Patrick Dunnagan was never on set but his consultation on storyboards and suggestions for shots, considerations and moments was extremely worthwhile.

Michael Castro provided Steadicam services for a key scene of our characters out for a walk in the neighborhood.

And, of course, my wife, Bev Koester, put up with many disruptions and assisted in many ways on many days.