Owen Daly

Owen Daly

Owen Daly has a long resume of stage, film and television credits. These range from roles on major Soaps (Like Guiding Light, All My Children) to roles in the recent North Carolina feature film Strings.

He's worked with many local filmmakers including Rob Underhill, Kieran Moreira, Tye Banks, Tripp Greene and Uptone Pictures. Owen played a key supporting role in Turnip's film, Grace Running and was the foundational actor in our film, Memory of a Kiss.

Owen also shared his experience and insight in the development of the script for this film.

Jane Holding

Jane Holding

Jane Holding is a native of Smithfield, North Carolina. She recently appeared on stage as Anna Burwell in Behind The Scenes. Jane has acted with ManBitesDog, Little Green Pig, Tiny Engine, Commonwealth, and Archipelago theater companies as well as in many independent productions. She is best known for her role as Lucille Marsden in a stage adaptation of Allan Gurganus novel, Oldest Living Confederate Widow Tells All. She and Gurganus collaborated on the script and travelled far and wide in North Carolina with the play.

Supporting Cast

Larry Evans and Cyn Macgregor appear as friends attending Katherine's memorial, attempting to console the grieving husband.

Dani Gehle appears as Owen's daughter; alas her wonderful scene with Owen got left on the cutting room floor.

Hollywood veteran Jimmie Smith plays the hardware store clerk who suspects something might be wrong.

Lilly Nelson serves as the clerk and fantasy patron of the thrift shop.

And John Honeycutt, another local theater veteran, plays cards with Owen.

Regulars in the TFC Screenwriters group appear as themselves.