The Cast of Memory of a Kiss

Cheryl McConnell

Cheryl portrays the Mother. Her reflections on her past and her memories swirl around her present circumstances and family.

Owen Daly

Owen Daly portrays the Father. Despite his dozing in and out of a demented nap, the Father is the central presence in the room. Owen - veteran actor that he is - developed a specific and repeatable set of muted reactions to every part of the story despite having only one actual line in the film.

Eric Morales

Eric Morales is the Son, dutifully helping his Father and Mother but wondering about whether his own future takes him down a different road.

Maigan Kennedy

Maigan Kennedy plays the Mother as a high school girl, bringing to life that early, sweet memory. Maigan went on to some amazing stuff after this, in Ireland, Japan, in and around Broadway. She's a professional singer, composer, cellist these days. One place you can find her is here.

Drew Matthews

Drew Matthews plays the Mother's remembered high school boyfriend. Drew was great to work with and is active in acting. You can find him here.

Whitney Griffin

Whitney plays the Son's girlfriend. While Whitney had a lot of acting experience, playing the Son's love interest was kind of a "Method" acting thing since she and actor Eric Morales are married.

Vitaly Lebeau (2015)

Only about seven years old when he played the Son as a young boy, Vitaly has gone on to work in a variety of films. Now almost 20 years old, you can find him on IMDb.