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I'm working on a trilogy of films. They all deal with love, death, grief and survival, but in very different ways. The first film in the trilogy is done. It's Last Words: Katherine. Here's the trailer.

I will need to expand my team for this project. I'm going to need a great set decorator. I need to find a local psychologist who appreciates cinema and has worked in grief counselling.

And, I'm happy to announce that Cy'nasia Napier has joined me as an intern for the next film in this series.

Originally from Virginia, she moved to Raleigh for college; she's a film major at the Living Arts College.

Students there are encouraged to reach out for various internships at local production companies. I'm much too small to have a real need for interns on a regular basis. But Cy'nasia (she goes by Asia) saw beyond the ordinary internship and was willing to consider working with me on this project, one which will not fit into a single semester but gives her a complete beginning-to-end experience.

She says, "I love working on teams and incorporating everyone's ideas into a project. My inspiration for becoming a director is that I love writing and horror films. I'm willing to work hard and learn about every step in the filmmaking process."

She goes by Asia

My films now online, free.

Recently, after some years of hoarding my films with the thought of film festivals and delusions of VOD income, I realized that I'd rather allow anyone to become part of my audience, even maybe a fan. So you will now find that most of the pages under "Turnip Films" above have a new submenu option: Watch The Film. Please enjoy my films and let me know what you think. Get on my mailing list and receive updates four times a year (or so).

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I also do a variety of commercial projects ranging from reality shows to simple interviews. That work is described on the Turnip Video web site, turnipvideo.com.