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Iím filmmaker Jim McQuaid. Turnip Films is the umbrella for all of my filmmaking work. Most of the pages under "Turnip Films" above have a new submenu option: Watch The Film. Please enjoy my films and let me know what you think. Get on my mailing list and receive updates four times a year (or so).

 Current film project - on hold, but finally making some progress

We started shooting the current film project in Marc 2020 but had to halt production. Of course, we hope that we can resume with all these talented folks. These are the three actors who portray the family in conflict.

Stay tuned.

Geraud Staton Connie McCoy Benaiah Barnes


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† Commercial Work?

I also do a variety of commercial projects ranging from reality shows to simple interviews. That work is described on the Turnip Video web site, turnipvideo.com.