About Turnip Films

Turnip Films is the umbrella for a variety of filmmaking work. It is the name under which I write, direct and produce my own films. It's also a loose community of film people who have contributed to many of my projects. In turn, I work on films for other filmmakers. That work can be as DP, as director, as guidance and advice or almost any needed role on set or in planning.

In fact, if you are thinking about making a film and would simply like to consult about possible problems, I'm happy to chat with you over coffee.

I'd love to engage more with anyone who is interested in my films and the issues that they explore. So please get on my mailing list. I send out news about four times a year, so no big marketing flurries!

Working with Turnip

And happy to consult on any of these elements


I've been a student of screenwriting for twenty years. With NC Jones, I started a local screenwriters group that has been meeting since 2016. I am happy to talk about any aspect of screenwriting. I'll read your short script and tell you what I think might improve it. One person whose feature script I read said this about my notes:

Wow, Jim! I mean, Wow!! What an excellent, thorough and constructive critic. You hit many areas that I have had trouble with and many that I will need to readdress.


I've been working with actors since 2000. All of my own films and practically every production I've worked on has had a central focus on the ordinary human experience whether hidden or revealed. I know how to read a script to understand where the flow is, where the emotion needs to be. I've learned from working with some of the most experienced actors in the Triangle and I've directed non-actors as well.

I've directed more than three dozen film productions. I can help yours come to life.

Director of Photography / Producer

In the process of making all the films listed on this site plus commercial projects, I've become fluent in the aspects of shooting your film that make it easy to edit, and dramatically effective.

I started as a still photographer in the darkroom days. It turns out that this was an amazing foundation for understanding light. My digital video career started when that meant MiniDV tape, then HD and now I'm on my third 4K camera. But it's not about the camera or the nifty LED light. It's all about the eye.

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The Newsletter

A couple of times a year (four at most) I report on my film projects, writing, thinking and collaborations. Please sign up HERE.

Commercial Work?

I also do a variety of commercial projects ranging from reality shows to simple interviews. That work is described on the Turnip Video web site, turnipvideo.com.