Welcome to Turnip Films

Turnip Films is the umbrella for a variety of filmmaking work. It is the name under which I write, direct and produce my own films. It's also a loose community of film people who have contributed to many of my projects. In turn, I work on films for other filmmakers. That work can be as DP, as director, as guidance and advice or almost any needed role on set or in planning.

In fact, if you are thinking about making a film and would simply like to consult about possible problems, I'm happy to chat with you over coffee.

I am finally feeling like the pandemic is over. Yes, I know it's been over for a while, but I feel like I'm just finally catching up on things and moving forward. And one of my goals for the future is to engage more with anyone who is interested in these films and the issues that they explore. So please get on my mailing list and receive updates four times a year (or so).

 Catching Up: Three Films

This web site is being updated - it's a work-in-progress. There are three films that now have (or soon will have) complete information about cast and crew.

The three films are:
Last Words: Mary

Written and directed by me. Finished in 2022

Fine Lines

Based on a script by Kristine Scruggs. Directed and co-produced by me.

Say Goodnight

Written by and starring David Berberian. Directed and co-produced by me.

These are the three films.


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The Newsletter

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  Commercial Work?

I also do a variety of commercial projects ranging from reality shows to simple interviews. That work is described on the Turnip Video web site, turnipvideo.com.